Residence permit requirements in Norway

Residence Permit required for nationals from outside of EEA

If you want to hire a foreign national from countries outside the EEA area to work in Norway, a residence permit is required.

The process of obtaining a residence permit can be challenging as the requirements are many. If you want to ensure that all the requirements are met, Malm Law firm may apply for the residence permit on behalf of the employee. If you want to attempt to apply on your own, we have listed below some of the important papers that must be in place in order to obtain a residence permit.

The offer of employment

The Norwegian company must give the employee an offer of employment. The offer of employment must include information about

  • the position,
  • the wage, which has to be above a minimum level
  • working hours
  • the duration of the employment offer which should as a rule regard¬†full-time work.

The pay and working conditions must be in accordance with an Norwegian collective agreement or pay scale is such exists or if not, the pay and working conditions must not be less than what is normal for the occupation and place concerned.