Using foreign workers in Norway

Malm Law Firm offers immigration expertise. Our practice covers the area of immigration law connected to employment-based immigration to Norway, including family-accompanied immigration. When you employe personnel from outside of EU, immigration

Filing a Residence Permit Application to work in Norway

Malm assists companies and/or their employees throughout the entire process of filing a visa application when that is required as well as we assist with filing a residence permit application. Malm Law Firm also assist with temporary or non-immigrant visas and citizenship application.  We guide the company and the employee through the intricate world of complex immigration or residence permit (work permit) issues. A first step begins with hiring the employee and you can read more about this topic here.

We keep careful track of the ever changing immigration laws and related legal topics so that we can maximize the effective representation of our clients, and we do not shy away from difficult or complex cases.


Our fees are both reasonable and competitive and your exact fee will depend on the application you want filed, the complexity of the issues, or the length of time and work involved. By chosing our company you may be assured that Malm Law Firm will do everything in its power to secure an outcome for you that will be a positive one.