Doing Business in Norway

Tax and reporting obligations in Norway

When you are engaging in business activities in Norway it may very likely result in a duty to pay taxes and social security contributions. Furthermore,  legal issues such as employment law issues should be considered even when the foreign entity is not establishing a fixed place of business in Norway. The consequences not to have these issues considered, may be costly.

Tax and legal assistance:

Clients of Malm Law Firm expect tax and legal advisors whom are able to provide first class legal advice, combining technical expertise and commercial understanding. Malm Law firm seek to fulfill this expectation and provide clients with a full range of services. Malm Law firm may assist in HR matters and provide legal advice concerning Norwegian employment law, tax law and contract law, social security issues, pension and insurance obligations.  Malm Law firm may also assist with payroll and registration services.

With several years of experience as a manager with large law firms providing legal and tax advice to foreign companies doing business in Norway,  Malm knows the pitfalls and requirements a foreign company or individual will need to be aware of and comply with.

Quality legal representation is not inexpensive. Nonetheless, Malm’s rates are significantly less than those of the national megafirms with which Malm Law firm compete. Malm Law Firm offer flexible billing arrangements, including hybrid rates and partial contingency structures. Additional savings over the traditional large firm model result from our relatively small size and not a single hour is billed without meaningful purpose.

Employment law and related matters in Norway

Tax and Social Security Obligations in Norway

Application for Residence Permits and Visa to Norway

Offering a pension plan is mandatory in Norway, do you need to consider this? Or are you wondering if a new employment contract is required and if the company’s foreign employees’ will need a Norwegian health insurance?

Tax  is payable from day one of working in Norway. Do you think you or other employees of the company may be exempted? And what about social security contributions, are the employees’ contributing and if yes, should they be contributing?

Do you think the employees are on a business trip and that a work permit (called a «residence permit» in Norway) is not required? Would it be useful to have it verified? It could be costly not to!