Contract Assistance

Malm Law provide assistance in a variety of legal areas effected by contract law, such as buying and selling property, goods, business, agency contracts, hire services, renting properties, providing services or employment law related matters.

If you want to protect your business through well drafted agreements and advise you on the consequences of entering into a contract. Malm may act on your behalf and discuss the contract with the other party and make sure that terms which you may not have agreed to or which might prove a disadvantage or damaging are altered or removed.Malm assists with interpretations, negotiations, and drafting of contracts.

Breach of Contract

If terms of a contract are broken, then there is a breach of contract. This can be if one party does not comply with its terms or if they change their mind and do not perform their side of the contract. Malm may also assist if you are being accussed of breaching a contract or provide you with the legal advice if another party breaches the contract, we can assist you.

In every case, our initial guidance is completely free and, of course, strictly confidential. We offer a free 15 minute consultation where we will assess your situation, and apply the correct course of action, tailored to suit your needs.

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